Soil Analysis

Enriching your home begins deep within the earth. 

In the nursery, in our own gardens, and especially on the job, we are dedicated to enhancing all of our well-being from the ground up! From [pesticide use, mono-cropping] SOIL has been depleted in it’s nutrient density- as much 70% over the last 70 years! With proper soil analysis, we can discover how best to amend your soil to make your orchards more nutrient dense (forget those multi-vitamins!), and help your land THRIVE.

“Human health begins in the soil” says Dr. Jana Bogs, soil guru and analyst. “Foods grown in imbalanced soils may contain high levels of anti-nutritional components such as nitrites and nitrates, and possibly even toxic heavy metals”. 

The results are “incredible”, see Brad’s testimonial-

We work with Dr. Bogs, believing wholeheartedly in her approach-

“Creating Health From the Soil Up!”

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