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Brads talks Landscaping on the Hawaii Real Estate Show 0

Brads talks Landscaping on the Hawaii Real Estate Show

This Summer, Forrest Arnold of Hawaii Real Estate visited Brad in his office. Brad shares his outlook on everything Aikane, including edible landscaping, korean natural farming, our new maintenance division, and more! Listen in below:...


Keeping up with Aikane

 With a wonderfully productive summer coming to a close, we invite you to stay in touch with us online! Our Current Nursery Inventory is COMING SOON – Look for the latest and greatest by...

Farmers Market 1

Farmers Market

TOMORROW: First Hawi Farmer’s Market of the new year! Wishing everyone much love+health+wellness. We will be offering a variety of beautiful, healthy tomato plants tomorrow (amongst other herbs and food starts)…Did you know about...

Sustainable Organic Food 0

Sustainable Organic Food

*We are proud to now offer a variety of ORGANIC, HEIRLOOM Food and Herb Starts at our Saturday morning Hawi Farmer’s Market! Helping our community to become more food sustainable 

Queen of the Sun 0

Queen of the Sun

THIS MONTH: Friday Jan. 25th!! Honey tasting, “Queen of the Sun” showing, and beekeeper networking event at Gates Performing Arts Center at HPA! Very important information for all of us – as inhabitants of...